Jyo "Six" Carolino

Fight choreographer. Stunt performer. Dance instructor. Voice/foley artist.



Jyo "Six" Carolino is a stunt coordinator and fight choreographer representing the Society of American Fight Directors and Dance Nocturnal Productions. He grew up studying many forms of martial arts and self-defense shooting before developing a passion for theatrical violence. His choreography has spanned over half a decade throughout the midsouth -- including the Dance Nocturnal film I AM SPARTAN and the webseries GAUNTLET RUN. Six is also a freelance voice actor and motion capture specialist. His voice can be heard on Chatterbox Audio Theatre, several audiobooks, and a local radio station.


Personal Projects & Accolades

Dance Nocturnal


Six began the Dance Nocturnal as a movement and combat exhibition as an undergrad at Rhodes College. Since then, Dance Nocturnal has become an award-winning brand of fight choreography and stunt coordination in Memphis. Our productions now include both live exhibitions and short films. 

You can find our Twitter and Instagram feeds: @dancenocturnal

Contact us for choreography and weapons rental services:  info@thelegendarysix.com


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It’s a kind of dynamically charged physical interaction between people that ends up being a kind of...poetry of its own.
— David Mason, Chair of Theatre Department and Director of Asian Studies at Rhodes College

Gauntlet Run: Origins

An agent finds himself in a bad situation. His only hope is a mercenary in the wrong place at the right time. The stage is set for violence, meta-humor, and awesomeness. Welcome to the GAUNTLET RUN.

Title 2560.jpg

Los Angeles Film Awards 2017 - Official SelectionBest Action award

TOP Indie Film Awards 2016 - Best Action award; Best Director award; Best Short nomination

Little Rock Film Society's Fistful of Shorts 2017 - Official Selection

Genre Celebration Festival - Best Drama Short nomination

Direct Short Online Film Fest (DSOFF) - Official Selection

Iron Dragon Action Fest - Official Selection

Top Shorts Online Film Fest 2017 - Official Selection; Best Action Honorable Mention

Underground Indie Film Festival 2017 - Official Selection

Bloodstained Indie Film Festival 2017 - Official Selection

Indie Memphis Film Festival 2017 - Official Selection

Whatashort Independent International Film Festival 2017 - Official Selection

What a fun, action-packed ride! Cleverly written one-liners compliment a colorful cast of villains and not so typical heroes in this well choreographed, devilishly funny ensemble flick...
— Casey Ruggieri, Top Shorts Online Film Festival


Two atypical heroes-for-hire have finally found an ideal office space. Chaos erupts when they discover their new location is currently run by a dangerous gang. Violence, metahumor, and a few surprises are in store in this one-shot first person action movie. Welcome back to the GAUNTLET RUN.


Memphis Film Prize 2017 - Top 10 Finalist

Unreal Film Festival 2017 - Best Memphis Local Film

Austin Action Film Fest 2017 - Official Selection

RedCorner FilmFestival 2017 - Official Selection

Indie Memphis Film Fest 2017 - Official Selection

Bloodstained Indie Film Festival 2017 - Official Selection

South Florida Webfest 2017 - Official Selection


When a tragedy drives a soldier to the brink, he is offered a chance for redemption. All he has to do is survive.
One last fight - for love, for glory, for redemption.


Unreal Film Festival 2016 - Official Selection; Best Local Short

Los Angeles Film Awards 2016 - Official SelectionBest Action award

TOP Indie Film Awards 2016 - Best Action award; Best Original Idea award; No Budget Spirit nominee

Los Angeles CineFest - Semi-Finalist

Iron Dragon Action Fest - Official Selection

Move Me Productions Online Short Film Festival - Official Selection

Bloodstained Indie Film Festival 2017 - Official Selection

RedCorner Festival 2017 - Official Selection

Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival - Official Selection

If you are looking for an entertaining and thrilling action film experience then do not miss I AM SPARTAN. The film maker’s crisp attention turns what could have been a mashup of fight scenes into a story of redemption...Carolino shot the film to be an example of not only his skills as a choreographer and performer, but he succeeded in creating a story...showcasing talent in Memphis that film makers need to take notice of.
— Chris Jowers, Flix Raider