Jyo "Six" Carolino

Fight choreographer. Stunt performer. Dance instructor. Voice/foley artist.



Video Archive


"GAUNTLET RUN: Origins" trailer

The official trailer for GAUNTLET RUN: Origins has arrived as our little bundle of love and violence makes its way to festivals worldwide!

An agent finds himself in a bad situation. His only hope is a mercenary in the wrong place at the right time. The stage is set for violence, meta-humor, and awesomeness. #welcometothegauntlet

Directed, shot, and edited by Garrett Atkinson.
Written, produced, and choreographed by Jyo "Six" Carolino

Crown Vox - "Ruler of the Ball"

"Ruler of the Ball" is one music video from a series of music videos that will piece together to create a short film. The entire collection is called Crown Vox and the Gilded Gallows. There will be 4 more videos to complete this collection. #crownvox #ruleroftheball

Directed by Mitch Martin, written and produced by Jennifer Burris.

Featuring choreography and weapons services by Jyo "Six" Carolino. 

"I AM SPARTAN" Knife Fight Promo

SPARTAN fans! Here's our re-release of the MidSouthCon 34 promotional video, retouched with a little something extra. We hope you enjoy this as our little bundle of love and violence continues making it's way around festivals worldwide! #iamspartanmovie 

Written, directed, and choreographed by Jyo "Six" Carolino